How it began

I started @glutenfreeforgood, my Instagram account where I share photos and stories of my gluten-free life, on July 11th, 2020. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to become part of an amazing community and meet people who inspire me daily with their posts about celiac, delicious recipes, and living life free of gluten.

When it comes to celiac and having a healthy life, I believe knowledge is power. A couple of weeks ago, I put a call out letting my Instagram friends know I was creating this list of gluten-free blogs. I checked them all out, and each contains valuable information. I’d like to share their collective knowledge and wisdom with you.

Gluten-free Blogs 

The Sunny Side of Celiac – Shauna shares easy and delicious plant-forward, gluten-free recipes and writes about her experience living with celiac disease.

Thriving Gluten Free – Debby’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with celiac in 2011. She shares recipes, products and tips to make gluten-free living easier and healthier.  

HoldMyGlutenFreeBeer – Shannon says she’s “just another girl trying to use humor and clean foods to deal with autoimmune disease,” so she can live an adventurous life. Being gluten-free won’t stop her!

The Rocks and Dirt Bakery – Kimberley Pearson creates a new recipe every day and bakes free of gluten, grain and dairy.

Stronger than Celiac – In her blog, Stronger than Celiac, Lianna, Mrs. Nebraska American, supports those with celiac disease and champions overall wellness.

Peace of Gluten Free Cake – Courtney is on a mission to make living a gluten-free life a piece of cake. She has celiac disease and is a yogi.

Tasty Meditation – Jessica, a NYC foodie with celiac, whips up delicious cookies, breads and cupcakes and wants to make a difference.  

Chili & Coco – Chili & Coco is a collection of favorite recipes, often adapted to the Autoimmune Protocol or Paleo diet, inspired by family traditions and the author’s experiences.

Celiac Sisters – Taylor and Alyssa are two twenty-something sisters, living a gluten-free life on the prairie

A Gluten-Free Gal – Natalie Becker was diagnosed with severe celiac four years ago. She started her blog because she loves to cook, create and collect recipes.

Chelseatheceliac – Chelsea, a 2nd grade teacher, uses her blog as a therapeutic release and a way to educate others about autoimmune conditions and wellness.

Small Farm Big Life – Elaine is a third-generation farm girl living in the Pacific Northwest. She posts GF recipes and talks about farm life, books she’s reading and more.

Casey Cromwell: Casey the College Celiac – Casey blogs about living with celiac disease and fibromyalgia and eating a gluten-free diet while in college. She shares stories, tips, recipes, GF products and more.

Gluten Free Kiddos – Gluten Free Kiddos offers a wide assortment of delicious gluten-free recipes suitable for kids and adults.

Celiac Kid Cooks – The author of this blog describes it as a mix of “Jesus, family, gluten free, crafting, décor & me.”

A Day Without Gluten – A gluten-free blog written in Greek. However, Dakis offers (in English) a detailed GF guide to his city Thessaloniki. He also shares several GF maps of cities around Europe, and he’s happy to help out a fellow celiac traveler.

Allergy Girl & The Chef – The Allergy Girl has always been allergic to many foods, including gluten and dairy, while the Chef’s passion is cooking. This perfect team creates recipes within the bounds and limitations of dreaded food allergies.

And here are a few folks who use their Instagram accounts as blogs:    

@mauiglutenfree (You’ll definitely want to check out her website when it’s populated! Until then, you’ll love the posts she shares on the ‘gram.)










The gluten-free community is constantly growing. If you know of other gluten-free blogs that should be included on this list, let me know or leave a comment.